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Monday, May 3, 2010

Relive Your Brief Vampire Obsession

Posted by Courtney Ferguson on Mon, May 3, 2010 at 1:36 PM

Like every thirtysomething, I ran out after first watching Pump Up the Volume to buy the soundtrack, which eventually led to me listening to Concrete Blonde's Bloodletting 30,000 times in high school. This obsession also involved cruising around, imagining myself to be very dark and mysterious, like glamorous succulent vampire bait. I rationalized my very day-slave car—a Chevy Citation—as fitting transport, mostly because Vicki Vale drove one in Batman. So while the barest vestiges of vampire curiosity remain (hello, I read, if not enjoyed, all the Twilight books), I am still thrilled to find out that Concrete Blonde will be touring on the 20th anniversary of Bloodletting, performing it live (or dead?).

June 25 @ Roseland


The Best Kissers in the World Are Still a Band, Now Based in Portland

Posted by Ezra Ace Caraeff on Mon, May 3, 2010 at 1:06 PM


Hey kids, go outside for a minute. Us grown folk need to talk about something.

Do you remember the Best Kissers in the World? The early-'90s Seattle act that released the respectable full-length, Been There? "Miss Teen USA," anyone? Anyone?

Well, turns out that the band didn't join the ranks of post-grunge casualties likes Uncle Joe's Big Ol' Driver and Love Battery, and instead they are now based in Portland, have a new LP on the way entitled Chehalis, plus are performing a rare show on May 21st at Slabtown.

If you need to hear more from the band, 67 copies of Been There can be yours for a penny each.

Edit: Turns out that Chehalis is the new LP from the Decliners, who are also on that bill. Our apologies.

New New Video From The Lights

Posted by Mark Lore on Mon, May 3, 2010 at 12:46 PM

Seattle power trio, rock 'n' roll machine The Lights just released their third record Failed Graves, and with it a new video for the song "New New." As you will see, these guys not only want to rock, they want to encourage the joys of reading.

And do yourself a favor by picking up the album. It's a beautiful mess of twangy, angular guitars and a laser-precise rhythm section. And I'm always endeared by vocalists that sing a little off key and make it work. Nice work.

Via Verbicide blog

The Antlers - Tonight!

Posted by Ezra Ace Caraeff on Mon, May 3, 2010 at 10:44 AM

In our current issue we wrote about tonight's the Antlers show, but we focused primarily on the opening act, Phantogram. Not to take anything away from these new Barsuk signees, but Brooklyn's the Antlers deserve plenty of attention as well. Hospice, their first recording as a full band, is an emotionally-draining conceptual recording—seriously, this record is like a swift kick to your soul—that centers around a couple's demise and terminal cancer. Yay, uplifting!

If that isn't enough to make you shed some eye water (and require some weakness tissues), their lead single "Bear" might be the best song about an abortion (sorry, Ben Folds) you've ever heard. The young protagonists deal with "putting an end" to the "kicking from within," only to discover the procedure absolutely devastates their relationship ("And all the while I'll know we're fucked/And not getting unfucked soon/When we get home we're bigger strangers than we've ever been before/You sit in front of snowy television, suitcase on the floor").

No, I'm not crying. Something just got in my eyes.

The Antlers, and Phantogram, perform at the Doug Fir tonight.

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