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Monday, April 14, 2014

Music Monday! Underlords Take Acid, Chandler Strutz, Paradise & More

Posted by Ned Lannamann on Mon, Apr 14, 2014 at 4:38 PM

Here's the mind-melting new one from Underlords Take Acid. It's a one-off project with Jonnie Ray Monroe and Christian Carmine from Fist Fite, Josh Hughes from Rabbits, and Captain John from Diesto. They recorded an 11-hour jam session at Type Foundry and edited down into a seven-track album, which comes out tomorrow on Eolian Empire. Take a listen to "The Way Down," a slow-moving juggernaut moving through a forest of old-growth timber, knocking down ancient, gargantuan trees like a cat cutting through grass. The digital version's here while a super-limited vinyl edition will be out this summer. Monroe has also been releasing video under the name Underlords Take Acid, and tomorrow night will be showing off her video catalog and premiering the new album with a listening party of sorts. That goes down at East End.

Just Lions' Chandler Strutz has recently finished a solo EP which he's calling Acoustic Bummer, so you can't fault him for false advertising. While Strutz's band Just Lions has been playing all over town the past couple years, he's also suffered from migraines and vision problems, and this EP reflects his songwriting without the upbeat counterpoint his band offers. As he says, "This album isn't supposed to pep you up before a night out on the town." Strutz plays an EP release show on Tuesday, April 22 at the Firkin Tavern, where he'll be joined by Bevelers, Adam Brock, and Matthew Ulm.

Garage rock revivalists Paradise have a new record out next week; Soldiers of the Modern Age comes out April 22 on Teen Sound Records, and here's "My Kingdom," a peppy, jerky tune with Farfisa to spare. (Check out "Born and Bound," also from Soldiers of the Modern Age, here.) Paradise plays their record-release show on Saturday, May 3 at the Doug Fir.

More Monday after the jump!

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Music Monday! Hot Victory, Neal Morgan, Honey Bucket

Posted by Ned Lannamann on Mon, Apr 7, 2014 at 2:46 PM

If you don't already know Hot Victory, it's time to get with the program. Caitlin Love and Ben Stoller share a gigantic drum set kitted with triggers and synths, and make a futuristic, otherworldly thunder that has no equal. Their latest 12-inch, Hot Victory, is due out on Eolian Empire on April 22, and here's a listen to the closing track, the savagely clattering "Labyrinthos." Hot Victory plays the Stumpfest heavy music festival later this month, on Thursday, April 24 at Mississippi Studios.

• • •

Speaking of drummers, Neal Morgan—who has manned the skins for Joanna Newsom and Bill Callahan—has also released a pair of unusual drum-and-voice solo records. His third, Neal Morgan, is due out on Party Damage on June 17 and is his first largely spoken-word set. The first half is all a capella, while the second half finds Morgan speaking over percussion tracks, before it concludes with an improvised drum "passage." "Walking to the Lake" must come from the second half of the set, as it's a basic tom-tom pattern buoying Morgan's introspective words. Other pieces on the album were inspired by painter Philip Guston and a piano work by Ravel.
• • •

We loved Honey Bucket's last one, and now there's a new Honey Bucket to unload all over your ears. Futon is nine more tracks of good-time port-a-potty pop, and "Wizard Mountain Part 2" is a speedy, drum-rumble number that'll catch your ears and not let goe. Futon is available digitally on Bandcamp and physically at Gnar Tapes; meanwhile, Honey Bucket will play a tape release show at the Know on Monday, April 21 with the Shivas and Salt Lake's Super 78.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Music Monday! EMA, Tender Age, Stoneburner & More

Posted by Ned Lannamann on Mon, Mar 31, 2014 at 12:59 PM

EMA premiered another new song from her upcoming album The Future's Void, which comes out next week on Matador. "3Jane" is a downcast, slow-moving ballad that's being called the lyrical centerpiece of the record. Erika M Anderson herself talks about the track a bit, and the sense of losing her grasp on her own image, here. No EMA show in her Portland sometime-hometown has been announced yet, but stay tuned.
• • •

Local dreamy shoegazers/star-searchers Tender Age have their first official release on the way, a 7-inch coming out later this week on Track and Field Records. Take a listen to the A-side, "Anything," a vast, feather-soft, rolling-wave ocean of delectable sound. Tender Age plays the release show this Saturday, April 5, at the Lovecraft Bar.
• • •

We premiered Stoneburner's "Some Can" a couple weeks ago; here's "An Apology to a Friend in Need," another track from their upcoming second album Life Drawing. The band says it's one of their favorite songs to play live, in part due to the contrasting sections. Life Drawing comes out April 15 on Neurot Recordings, and Stoneburner are on a bill with Crescent City sludgers Eyehategod, playing Branx on Thursday, April 24.

More Music Monday—with Liz Vice, Møtrik, Pacific Mean Time, and the Woolen Men—after the jump!

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Music Monday! Agalloch, the Woolen Men, Survival Knife

Posted by Ned Lannamann on Mon, Mar 24, 2014 at 1:32 PM

Your first listen to Agalloch's upcoming album The Serpent and the Sphere surfaced last week, when "Celestial Effigy" hit the intertubes. A seven-minute piece of many moods, it's still on the restrained side for the Oregon metal pioneers, whose style subverts existing metal subgenres for a mixture of black, folk, prog, doom, and other kinds of metal. This piece is clean and almost blinding, like a white ray of sun; its component pieces do not obscure one another. The Serpent and the Sphere is due out on Profound Lore on May 13; later that week, Agalloch play an all-ages record release show at the Star Theater on Friday, May 16. An exclusive EP will be available at that show as well.

Here's "Life in Hell" from the Woolen Men, one of the additional tracks that comes paired with their new split flexi 7-inch with Eyelids (on the record proper, the Woolen Men cover the Fall's "Psycho Mafia," while Eyelids tackle the Clean's "Anything Could Happen"). This is one of the bonus tracks available as a download with the purchase of the 7-inch, a ramshackle, acoustic, good-feeling tune from the Woolen Men. The split has been pressed in a limited edition of 250 from Off Records, and is available starting April 21, but prior to that, Eyelids and the Woolen Men will play a release show at Bunk Bar on Saturday, April 5, where you'll be sure to get your hands on the flexi before it's all gone.

Survival Knife were formed from the remnants of classic Olympia band Unwound by Justin Trosper and Brandt Sandeno, and they've got their first album—following a couple singles on Sub Pop and KRS—coming out on April 29 on Isaac Brock's Glacial Pace label. Take a listen to "Fell Runner," a jittery, jagged, but ultimately melodic track that will appear on Loose Power. Survival Knife will open for Modest Mouse at their two Portland shows at the Crystal Ballroom on May 1 and 2, and will also play their own record release show at Bunk Bar on May 16.


Monday, March 17, 2014

Music Monday: Oh Darling, Golden Retriever, Paradise & More

Posted by Ned Lannamann on Mon, Mar 17, 2014 at 3:47 PM

Michael Collins, it's Music Monday!

Here's a new one from Portland/LA band Oh Darling, from their upcoming album Beauty in Commotion. "Runaway" is a dizzy, twirling pop tune that could soundtrack your favorite '90s teen movie—or a hopeful spring day in 2014. After writing these tunes in Los Feliz, Oh Darling returned to Portland to finish the tracks at the studio oat the Secret Society. Fittingly, the Secret Society is also where Oh Darling will play their record release show, on Saturday, May 10. Beauty in Commotion comes out earlier that week, on Tuesday, May 6.

• • •

Golden Retriever have release a confounding, fascinating track from their upcoming Seer album, due out on Thrill Jockey on March 25. (Here's the exclusive announcement of Seer's release, which we broke back in February.) "Flight Song" is aptly named, a wandering, sonorous, and beautiful voyage into Earth's upper realms, at times sounding buoyantly lightheaded from lack of atmosphere and at others gulping down huge breaths of life-giving oxygen. Golden Retriever give Seer a release show at Holocene on Sunday, April 6, with Miracles Club, Litanic Mask, and Pinhead in Fantasia.
• • •

Paradise have prepped their second album, Soldiers of the Modern Age, and it's another collection of Farfisa-driven garage rock. Here's "Born and Bound," a fervent '60s-style pebble (nugget, rubble, what have you) that builds to an acid-rock Age-of-Aquarius sing-along bridge before returning to a verse/chorus that would make the Chocolate Watchband proud. Paradise release Soldier of the Modern Age on April 22 via Teen Sound Records, and they play a record release show on Saturday, May 3 at the Doug Fir.

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Monday, March 10, 2014

Music Monday! The Estranged, Hillstomp, Cars & Trains, and More

Posted by Ned Lannamann on Mon, Mar 10, 2014 at 2:35 PM

The Estranged traffics in taut post-punk that bears little elements of the band that it evolved from, its crusty predecessor Remains of the Day, but that willful ignorance of stylistic boundaries has enabled the Portland band to make some adventurous, gripping music in the past few years. Their third album, the self-titled The Estranged, saw an overseas release on Bremen-based label Sabotage Records back in January, but now the album will be available from the band's Portland home, local label Dirtnap, on March 18. Here's the album's second track, "Fatalist Flaw," a wiry, nervy tune with some full-bloom romanticism in evidence as well.

Hillstomp's new album is named Portland, Ore, perhaps a deliberate callback to the days before ZIP Codes. (Remember Fla., Calif., and N. Dak.?) It's the first album from the duo after a recent hiatus, and here's "Don't Come Down," a minor-key banjo creeper in a 1-4-5 blues progression that reigns in some of the raucousness of Hillstomp's live show. Portland, Ore comes out April 15 on Fluff and Gravy Records, but Hillstomp will play two nights at the Doug Fir later this week—Friday, March 14 and Saturday, March 15—during which they'll premier the new album.

Cars & Trains just released an instrumental single called "History of the Night," and it finds an unlikely but successful marriage between an autoharp and a big hiphop beat. There are two other tracks on the single, which is being offered as a free download on Bandcamp. Meanwhile, Tom Filepp, the man behind Cars & Trains, is also re-releasing C&T's 2007 album Rusty String on colored vinyl with special artwork this June—more info on that here.

More Music Monday after the jump!

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Monday, March 3, 2014

Music Monday! Mimicking Birds, Shy Girls, bed. & More

Posted by Ned Lannamann on Mon, Mar 3, 2014 at 4:20 PM

Mm, mm, mm, it's Music Monday!

Mimicking Birds made their long awaited return last week with a new song, "Bloodlines," and information about a new album on the way. Eons is their followup to 2010's self titled album (seems like eons ago, eh??), and it's out May 13 on Glacial Pace. (Here's an atmospheric 48-second "album trailer," if you're into those things.) Meanwhile, "Bloodlines" is a gossamer, cushiony ballad with lead singer Nate Lacy perhaps in a Jónsi mood—it's a beautiful reintroduction to the Portland band. They kick off a tour next week that takes them to SXSW and Treefort and do a second East Coast leg that brings them home to Portland on May 23, when they'll play the Doug Fir.

• • •

Shy Girls covered Brandy. No, not the Looking Glass' classic "Brandy (You're a Fine Girl)" (although wouldn't that be great?)—in this case Dan Vidmar is tackling Brandy Norwood's 1995 Babyface-written hit "Sittin' Up in My Room" from the Waiting to Exhale soundtrack. It's been a looong time since I've heard that one, but I'm pretty sure Brandy didn't have the gunshots on her version. This striking cover (which Billboard bafflingly calls a "remix") is minimally, moodily dark and full of emotional complexity, with a very impressive vocal from Vidmar. No word if he'll be taking on Whitney's "Exhale (Shoop Shoop)" next.
• • •

Sometimes it's just plain helpful when a band comes up with their own genre descriptor. New Portland band bed. calls themselves "slow-fi," and that's just a-ok with me. (The Nate Ruess approach to capitalization and punctuation I'm less sure about.) "Bother" is an inky, seductive tune with crunchy bottom end; any parallels to Low are warranted, but there's also an inverted shoegaze-y element happening here. The duo of Alex Haager and Sierra Frost arrived in Portland last year and have started their own label, Breakup Records. Meanwhile, bed. plays Sunday, March 23 at Rontoms, and also on Holocene on May 18.

More Music Monday, with tracks from Philip Grass and Pony Village, after the jump!

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Monday, February 24, 2014

Music Monday: Bearcubbin', Prizehog, Scheidt Covers Townes, & More

Posted by Ned Lannamann on Mon, Feb 24, 2014 at 1:14 PM

Turn that Manic Monday into a Music Monday!

Local instrumental combo Bearcubbin' have their honeypaws full with their second album, Girls with Fun Haircuts, which comes out Saturday, March 1. Here's a taste, the mathy, intricate "Master Cylinder," which sees the trio building off some guitar loops to construct a towering edifice of riffage. If you can keep all the parts straight in your head, you've had more coffee than I have. Bearcubbin' play their record release show this Saturday at Bunk Bar before hitting the road for a tour that takes them down to Austin's SXSW and back up to Boise's Treefort. They're really putting the pedal to the mettle, as they'll be back home in time for Portland's Treefort Rap party on March 26 at Holocene.

• • •

Prizehog's new one is called Re-Unvent the Whool, and here's the fearsome "Shed," a steadily rising tsunami of sludge, invoking dread and awe in equal measures. Relocated from the Bay Area, Prizehog is now Portland's own prize, and Whool comes out on March 4 via volume purveyors Eolian Empire, who are just fucking killing it with local heavy releases, no question about it. See Prizehog in the flesh and adorn them with your ribbons this Friday, February 28, at the Know.
• • •

I don't know if you expected to hear Yob's Mike Scheidt cover Townes Van Zandt when you got out of bed this morning, but here we are. Scheidt, singing in a plaintive, straightforward voice—unlike the ragged howl that characterizes his work with Yob and Vhol—and plucking a simple acoustic guitar, gets to the heart of Townes, a thing that has attempted by thousands and not always successfully. This endearing track, and two other performances from Scheidt, comes from Songs Of Townes Van Zandt Vol. II, due out March 7 on Neurot Recordings (Neurosis' label), who also have newly inked Scheidt's band Yob to a recor deal. Info on the next Yob album, their first for Neurot, should be announced in the coming weeks.

Lots more Music Monday after the jump!

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Monday, February 17, 2014

Music Monday! Old Light, Great Wilderness, Ramona Falls & More

Posted by Ned Lannamann on Mon, Feb 17, 2014 at 2:19 PM

Mitch Miller, it's a sing-along Music Monday!

In 2013, Old Light released no fewer than five albums (all now collected on the Variations cassette box set), so you'd think they'd take a few months off before putting new music out into the world. Not so. Old Light are in the process of recording a "live" album, great news to anyone who's witnessed any of their mind-shredding live shows. It's not actually recorded in front of an audience—this isn't Seger at Cobo in '75—but it is the Old Light experience, unrefined and without filter. Here's "Total Control/Gray," which they recorded last Wednesday. So this is as hot off the press, or multitrack, as it gets. Old Light also played a surprise set at Club 21 last night, joining the bill of Sons of Huns, Fireballs of Freedom, and Summer Cannibals, and I bet it was awesome.

• • •

On Friday, Great Wilderness released their new single, just in time for Valentine's Day. It's well worth a listen even though V-Day is now just a sugar-stomachache in the rearview mirror: "A Little Love" is a mellow, sorta swanky love jam sung by Jamie McMullen and some top-notch Rhodes electric piano flair from Emily Overstreet. It's being offered as a free download for the next couple days, so dig in.
• • •

Ramona Falls recently contributed a track to BOATS, a charity album from Everything Is New and Scottish arts community Transgressive North to aid Dalit children in Southeast India (also known as the "untouchable" caste). BOATS includes tracks from White Hinterland, No Age, Deerhoof, Califone, Yacht, Bear in Heaven, and lots more, and all the tracks include samples of the Light of Love Children’s Choir. Here's Ramona Falls' contribution, the beautiful "On the Line."

Much More Music Monday (MMMM!) after the jump, with music from Garrett Linck, Rare Monk, Laae, and Blitzen Trapper.

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Monday, February 10, 2014

Music Monday! Ages and Ages, Nightfell, Load B, Whim, and the Body

Posted by Ned Lannamann on Mon, Feb 10, 2014 at 1:51 PM

It's a slippery, slushy Music Monday!

Last week Ages and Ages released the second advance track (do we still call them singles?) from their upcoming sophomore LP, Divisionary, over at Time magazine. "I See More" is a quick, peppy song with lots of percussion and interwoven harmonies, a perfect soundtrack to the relative warmth melting the snow and ice off our city's streets. Divisionary comes out March 25 on Partisan Records, and Ages and Ages will play at Mississippi Studios on March 1.

• • •

Nightfell has garnered quite a buzz in the local metal scene based on their recently released debut album The Living Ever Mourn, available digitally on Parasitic Records with a physical release coming in the upcoming months. "The Hollowing" is a good example of what the duo of Tim Call (Aldebaran) and Todd Burdette (Tragedy) have concocted, an inky-dark thicket of death, doom, and black metals that leaves a resounding stain in the ears. Nightfell has yet to transition into a live band, so for now, The Living Ever Mourn will have to serve as the best glimpse into their cavernous abyss.
• • •

Load B, the hiphop duo of emcees Brill and Milc, recently dropped The Scumbag Tape, a new mixtape available on Bandcamp for streaming and pay-what-you-will download. Opening track "Beef & Broccoli" was produced by Stewart Villain and boasts a laidback groove; other tracks feature a harsher trap sound and flirting with styles from the EDM side of the street. It's a diverse, impressive collection of local hiphop.

More Music Monday after the jump!

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Monday, February 3, 2014

Music Monday! Ghost to Falco, Aan, Towers & More

Posted by Ned Lannamann on Mon, Feb 3, 2014 at 6:24 PM

It's never too late for Music Monday*!

*Well, unless it's Tuesday. Tuesday would be too late for Music Monday.

It's been a while since we've heard from Ghost to Falco and their splendid 2010 album Exotic Believers. The great news is that a new Ghost to Falco album is nigh, with Soft Shield due out April 10. Savvy Bandcampers, however, will note that the album is already available for streaming in full (go to Bandcamp to listen and pre-order). You can hear "Born to Win" right here, a jabby, firebrand rocker with frontman Eric Crespo backed by Aan's Reese Lawhon on bass and Bud Wilson sliding into the drum throne. (Aan fans take note: Lawhon and Wilson are all over Soft Shield.) Ghost to Falco play an album release show on April 11 at Bunk Bar with Aan and Sun Angle. That one's going to be huge.

• • •

Hey, speaking of Aan—if you missed their killer record-release show on Saturday night at Mississippi Studios, it's time to get on the Amor Ad Nauseum wagon. Here to help is the Portland band's latest single, "Bubble Bath Bop," one of many highlights from their debut album (the aforementioned Amor Ad Nauseum), which comes out tomorrow on Party Damage. This song—which premiered on Impose along with an interview with Bud Wilson—displays a breezier side of the band, as well as their aptitude for creating sonic worlds worth exploring. Aan kick off their tour this week with stops at San Francisco's Noise Pop, Austin's South by Southwest, and Boise's Treefort festivals.
• • •

From Aan to Anne, with the new track "Terms" from Anne's forthcoming album Pulling Chain. Here, Anne mastermind David Lindell explores the dark corners of the dancehall, with darkwave shade drawn over the ticking electronic beats and bulky synth lines. Once again, Anne's Pulling Chain comes out March 4 on Run for Cover.

Click the jump for more new music from Towers, Kevin Leigh Robinson, and the Memories!

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Music Monday! Special All Covers Edition

Posted by Ned Lannamann on Mon, Jan 27, 2014 at 1:26 PM

Music Monday! We've got three new covers in today's Grammy-hangover edition.

It took the von Trapps to get us interested in what Pink Martini's been up to. The family singers—descended from Captain and Maria von Trapp, who you know from a little movie called The Sound of Music—have collaborated with Portland's icons of exotica on an upcoming album (more info on that here). Here's the title track, a cover of the evergreen "Dream a Little Dream," sung by Amanda von Trapp and provided sumptuous, surprisingly tasteful backing by Pink Martini. Dream a Little Dream comes out on Heinz Records on March 4.

• • •

Don Henley recently teamed up with Blind Pilot to record a Jackson Browne song for a Browne compilation tribute album. The song is "These Days," a song Browne wrote when he was 16. I doubt many 16-year-olds these days (eh??) will be super into it, but moms should find it pretty soothing. (Perhaps fittingly, the song premiered over at the Wall Street Journal.) To Blind Pilot's credit, their backing is note-perfect and quite pretty, and without any real research or evidence whatsoever, I'll say this is the best thing Don Henley's recorded since 1989. It's nothing close to a new Blind Pilot song, but oh well. Looking into You: A Tribute to Jackson Browne also includes contributions from Bruce Springsteen and Lucinda Williams, and comes out April 1.
• • •

This one's a bit of a reach, but it's too good not to post. Built to Spill are, of course, a Boise band, but they spend enough time in Portland—they've even kept a practice space here—for us to glom onto them, particularly when there's a song as good as this to post. It's another cover from an upcoming tribute comp, focusing in this case on Bob Dylan's wilderness period, the 1980s. "Built to Spill" tackle the sublime "Jokerman" from 1983's Infidels, a weird but pretty good record in which Dylan combined the guitar talents of Dire Straits' Mark Knopler with legendary reggae rhythm section Sly and Robbie. The original version always worked pretty well, but Built to Spill's amp-crunch, eons-of-guitars take is fan-damn-tastic. Dylan in the '80s: Volume One also includes tracks from Blitzen Trapper and Langhorne Slim, and comes out March 25 on ATO.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Music Monday! Tara Jane O'Neil, Kid Brother, King Tarahumara

Posted by Ned Lannamann on Mon, Jan 20, 2014 at 11:45 AM

It's an MLK Day edition of Music Monday!

Tara Jane O'Neil's new album, Where Shine New Lights, is due out on Kranky next week. We posted the first advance track back in November; now here's "Elemental Finding," another gorgeous meditation with full, rounded chords and O'Neil's vocal melody offering a guiding light. The once-Portland-based TJO is currently operating out of LA these days; hopefully she'll make a return stop in Portland on the heels of the album's release.

Kid Brother is a ramshackle country-rock band from right here in town. Their debut, the Family Band EP, is a lo-fi excursion of ramblin' goodtimes, recorded at various locations including McMinnville. Its best track, "Rob This Town," is a shitkicking, boozy bit of Southern rock with two guitar solos at once (a very fine thing in my book).

Last week King Tarahumara release the final chapter of their Mystic Mixtape Trilogy. Chapter 3. Obsidian sees Papi Fimbres and Kevin Robinson offering more brain-scrambling electronic psych, so jam packed with dizzying sounds and figments of the pair's warped imaginations, no additional psychotropics are necessary. All three installments are available over on Bandcamp, and I'm not sure what would happen to you if you listened to them in one extended dose. Here's the closing track, "Duckin' the Right Walk," which combines the sensations of a street parade with a mothership liftoff.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Music Monday! The Harmony Motel, Us Lights, Mandarin Dynasty & More

Posted by Ned Lannamann on Mon, Jan 13, 2014 at 12:30 PM

It's Music Monday! Here's some great Portland music you may not have heard before.

The Harmony Motel have a new two-song single released today: "Straight to My Head" backed with "Dead Bird," available for free download (do it). Both tracks are exquisitely ornamented brain-pop, with enough dapples of light to work wonderfully on this uncharacteristically sunny January day. The Harmony Motel is the project of Stanton Hall, who also plays in the Zags, and these two studio confections were recorded with producer/engineer Jack Saturn (of the band Queued Up). This is classic pop songwriting with inventive arrangements and subtle but undeniable, earwormy hooks; it reminds me of the aptitude of British songsmiths like Paddy McAloon, Andy Partridge, Ray Davies, and the Brewis brothers (of Field Music). It other words, it's terrific. Hall says that the Harmony Motel is not really a live band, per se, but he will be playing a release show this Sunday, January 19 at the Corkscrew wine bar (1665 SE Bybee) with solo sets by his fellow bandmates in the Zags. More info here.

• • •

Here's Us Lights, a newish dark-pop band from members of the Brothers Young and Hurtbird (among lots of other Portland bands). "Sometimes Smile" is an eerie but propulsive number that conjures an intricate spiral pattern like a spider's web. There's tons of atmosphere here, with muscly bass and cannon-like drums providing a sturdy foundation to the more ethereal, water-drop elements. Us Lights play this Friday night at Rotture on a bill with Pwrhaus and Coronation.
• • •

Mike Sherk of Southern Californian outfit Mandarin Dynasty moved to Portland in July, and now the group has enlisted Dear Nora's Katy Davidson for the live lineup. Mandarin Dynasty's album Perpendicular Crosstalk is receiving a vinyl pressing from Trabuco Records—that comes out tomorrow—and the band will play a release show on Monday, January 20 at Valentine's. Take a listen to "Lap Steel Blues," a playful, sharp rocker that looks beneath the surface.

More Music Monday after the jump, including Souvenir Driver, the Moonshine, Rare Monk, and O Bruxo!

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Monday, January 6, 2014

Music Monday! The Woolen Men, Spookies, Summer Cannibals & More

Posted by Ned Lannamann on Mon, Jan 6, 2014 at 12:41 PM

Lots of music for a new Monday!

Here's "Love Song," the latest from the Woolen Men, another fine slice of garage jangle that'll make readers of Ugly Things giddy. It comes from their upcoming split with Spookies, the second release from the nascent Space Cassette label, the new imprint from Spookies' Mayhaw Hoons, Alex Arrowsmith, and the Minders' Martyn Leaper (note that despite the label name, this release is on 7-inch vinyl). The four-song release comes out in a limited edition of 300 with hand-colored crayon artwork on the sleeve. The Woolen Men and Spookies play a release show this Saturday, January 11 at the Know with Sweden's UFOFBI on the bill. And while we're at it, let's listen to one of the Spookies tracks as well, the marvelous "Sleepaway Camp III," named after the modern cinematic masterwork.

• • •

Summer Cannibals have quickly followed up their exciting debut (last year's No Makeup) with the ferocious Make You Better EP, which comes out tomorrow on New Moss Records. Here's track 2 from the four-song release, a stinging-nettle rocker called "Not Your Turn." The EP marks the first recordings the band has done with their current lineup, which includes Lynnae Griffyn on bass and Valerie Brogden on drums. Summer Cannibals play a release show for Make You Better this Thursday, January 9 at the Doug Fir.
• • •

Long Hallways recently released their first album, Live from Dystopia, and while that title may be a little purple, the music contained within is elegant, poetic post-rock. Here's the album opener, the spacious and inviting "David the Lion." Long Hallways will play a release show for the album (which was recorded with Skyler Norwood in Miracle Lake Studios) this Saturday night, January 11, at Foggy Notion.

Lots more Monday after the jump, including Northern Draw, Lunch, Natasha Kmeto remixing Ducky, the Zags, and that great Drake cover from Wild Ones.

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